Phew, it's over for another year!

Thanks to everyone for their effort and involvement in this year's Pram Race. It was another spectacular turnout with some fantastically creative and imaginative entries. Well done to everyone and especially to the prize winners.


A huge thank you also to the marshals for keeping things in order, to the publicans who have their  pubs turned upside down, to our sponsors and supporters and to the ever patient residents for putting up with the disruption and inconvenience. The organisers and all the local charities and good causes really appreciate your support.


We shall be totting up the money collected from the entries and buckets and will be making awards to charities in about April time once all the out-goings are settled. If you would like to make an application for funds for your cause, please contact the Treasurer.


2016 Winners

Congratulations to all the runners. However, this year's prizes went to


  • The Sanderson Trophy - Fastest Run was The Fabulous Baxter Boys in a record breaking 29 minutes
  • The Best Dressed Pram was The Woking Aviators
  • The Best Engineered Pram was Thunderbirds Are Go

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